Is the Mass for Redemption right for your parish?

  • Are you looking for a singable Mass setting that is still musically interesting?
    • The Kyrie is intended to be sung a cappella by a cantor or choir, with each phrase being repeated by the congregation.  The Kyrie can also be done accompanied.
    • The Gloria from Mass for Redemption began with a melodic line structured to help congregations sing the Mass.
    • Mirroring the Catholic musical tradition, the Gloria and Sanctus begin with a simple intonation by a cantor or choir member (or Priest!) instead of an instrumental introduction.  This maintains the dialogue of the Holy Mass.
  • Do you have a range of musical styles at your parish?
    • The Mass for Redemption was composed for a parish that is served by a number of different musicians and ensembles.  Refined over the past few years, this Mass setting is preferred by cantors, traditional choirs, contemporary/folk ensembles, and youth choirs.
  • Are you trying to save money?
    • For just $30, the Mass for Redemption is sold as a reproducible .pdf.  Copy it as much as you want, just so long as it stays in your parish.  The .pdf comes with a full score, choir-only, cantor/keyboard, choir/keyboard, congregational supplement, string quintet, and handbell parts.  Better yet, if additional parts are created, you’ll get those emailed to you as they are added to the Mass setting.

What’s included?

  • Settings of the Kyrie in Greek and English (your choice!) and the Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei in English
  • Cantor edition (melody and keyboard accompaniment with chord symbols)
  • Choir edition (choir and keyboard accompaniment with chord symbols)
  • String Quintet
  • Handbell parts for the Gloria and Sanctus
  • Full score
  • Congregational Supplements
    • These are formatted to fit on two half-page stickers or on one side of a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • Any future additions to this Mass setting will be emailed to anyone who purchased it


By purchasing this Mass setting, you agree:

…to make an appropriate number of copies to be used in your parish.
…to include this on any congregational supplements printed:
   “Mass for Redemption; by Jonathan McLear”
   “© Jonathan McLear, 2014 (”
…to direct other Music Directors to if you like this Mass setting.
It is my hope that by providing a reasonably priced, complete, and reproducible product, we can all agree not to distribute this work to those who have not purchased it.  Thanks for your help with this!